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Before you add your Business to the database we would ask you to read the following terms and conditions.

It is a condition of the database, that you accept these terms before entering any data.

  1. Before entering any data onto the database, you accept that Cornwall Online retain the option to remove, in full or in part, any data at any time.
  2. All decisions made by Cornwall Online are final.
  3. Cornwall Online will not enter into any discussion about any decisions made.
  4. No material shall be entered that is of an unsavory nature, or breaks the Law of the Land in any way.
  5. No offensive material will be submitted
  6. Entries are limited to a single entry for each service or category type. Do not make multiple submissions for every product that you sell.
  7. Attempts to prevent others from having efficient access to the data, through any means, will be referred to the Police.


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